Sunday, December 11, 2011

In the spotlight: Paper, Scissors, and Superheroes...

(I made this little button for my blog, by snipping part of her banner....;-))

I suddenly realized today, as I was visiting Betsy Veldman's blog, that I didn't put her in the spotlight yet. *gasp* o.O What a weird oversight on my part, when she is the papercrafter I want to be when I grow up! ;-D

I guess I probably assumed that everyone who is into papercrafting already knows Betsy, unless you have been living under a rock... ;-) She is one of the "go-to-gals" from PaperCraft magazine, and also a DT member of PaperTrey Ink.

Describing her style is difficult, she has such a unique touch in my opinion. All I can say is that her attention to details, her use of whimsy and colors are incredible. Visiting her blog always bring a smile to my face.
A picture is worth a thousand words so go check for yourself!... Pay a little visit to Paper, Scissors, and Superheroes, I guarantee you won't regret it... :-)

(and feel free to come back and leave me a comment to tell me how awesome she is... ;-)

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