Friday, November 21, 2008

Sunflower vase

Pretty much everyone is sick right now, and I have no time to stamp, which is just why I had to take the time to make a card to try and save my sanity! ;-)
The picture is pretty bad because I took it in full sun, sorry about that! ;-)
Very simple card: The vase is actually a die cut made with my Cuttlebug, it's hard to see on the pic but it looks like foil and is made from the inside of those Menthol Puff tissu boxes. If you haven't checked those out yet, you should! It's pretty cool and stands well to embossing in the Cuttlebug too! :-). The flower is also done with the Cuttlebug, I drew the grid in the middle with a Versamark marker and embossed it with clear powder, it has a nice shine IRL.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Home

On the rare occasions that I click on my craft blog lately, I smile when I read the title because it seems like there isn't much creativity going on around here lately! LOL! I suspect it won't improve once my little bundle of joy gets here.... *sigh*
To my defense.... the last 2 1/2 weeks have been spent fighting headlice in the whole family... Naomi brought them home from school and she has been the one more affected but we all ended up with an itchy scalp at some point and we had to treat everyone (but the cat) at least twice (Naomi up to 5 times I think! And I cut a good 5 inches off her hair to make it easier!). We tried all kind of products on different family members, and let me tell you that, just as I suspected, the natural products work as well (even sometimes better!) than the nasty chemicals... So basically I spent my time combing heads for nits, and washing sheets, towels, stuffed animals, cushions.... It was a nightmare, Naomi missed a whole week of school altogether and Noah almost as much ! :-( And now that we seem to be seeing the end of it I am sick! I have a cold and bronchitis and feel like hell. :-( At least I'm glad my little guy is still inside and not in the middle of the pest and germs! Can you imagine dealing with headlice on a newborn?... Ack!
Anyway, in the meantime, my brother & family were busy moving in a new home in their beautiful Connecticut, and I found a little time this week-end to make a card for them! I used this set from Stampin'Up that was one of the very 1st stamps sets I ever bought and that I really love with the little tree in all 4 seasons... the house is from the $1 spot at Michaels. I saw pics of their beautiful garden and they have all those gorgeous trees and I instantly thought about this combination of the little house in the middle and the trees around. The ribbon looks black on the pic but it is really brown IRL. The house is very pale but I wanted it to be somewhat like their new house which is grey I believe... ;-)
As usual, with a click on the pic, you will be able to see a bigger version.


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