Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest frame

Tonight marks the beginning of Sukkot, a jewish Holiday celebrating different things including the Harvest.
I made this little wreath for my friends who invited us to celebrate the 1st night of the holiday with them.
I turned it more into a frame by adding a prayer in hebrew that has to do with Sukkot in the middle (hard to see in the pic).
I used all files, except the fruits that I made myself by hand. I started with the Laurel Wreath (that I stretched to 11X11), then because it's a Harvest celebration (some people refer to it as the jewish Thanksgiving) I included details of Fall like the mums, the pumpkins, the maple and oak leaves, and the fruits at the top.

Then at the bottom are 2 things very specific to this Holiday: a lulav and an etrog. I won't go too much into details but those are things used for prayers and celebrations. The lulav is a little bunch of certains tree branches including palms and myrtle, and the etrog is a fruit from the citrus family, kind of like a giant lemon.
I used various files for my branches (including a cornstalk turned into a palm... ;-)) and made my lemon by hand.

Because I didn't know if this was gonna be hung outside (and we are in Florida so the heat and humidity are still very much here) I used a hot glue gun to attach my little decorations.
Because I turned it into a frame I didn't prop things forward too much, and just folded some of the leaves forward as much as possible.

If it didn't take me that long I would definitely make another one for my own home... ;-)
As always clicking on the pic will open larger pictures. :-)

ETA: My wreath tied for 3rd place in the challenge! :-D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A card for the papercrafting supplies' hoarder...

Come on, admit it, I am sure there are quite a few like me around here... You buy nice embellishements or papers that you neatly put away and keep for "that special project"... ;-)
Problem is, said special project somehow never arrives... and sometimes you even forget you have all those things.... *shame* I think it's a classic newbie mistake, but sometimes it just carries on for years afterwards!... ;-D

The other day I was trying to clean up and reorganize a little bit my papercrafting supplies (I'm running out of room in my little corner there!) and I realized what a horrible hoarder I have been (and I've only started all this 3 years ago)!!
It's nothing new unfortunately, I like my beautiful Prima flowers in glass jars on my desk, I look at them and it makes me happy  *sigh* so I don't dare using lots of them... LOL

I already took the resolution a few months back to not buy any stamps till the end of the year,  but I need to be better at using my stash of paper and various embellishments before getting new ones!... so today I made a card with my hidden treasures!... ;-)
I think I've had this cool butterfly paper for over a year... The only "new" thing here are the nestabilities/shapeabilities used for the card shape and the butterflies... I used some Crayola glitter glue in place of Stickles, and I plunged right into my stash of rhinestones and brads... The butterflies are 2 layers, the one underneath being blue vellum, foam tape in the middle (one of the things I don't hoard, I go through a lot of this stuff! ;-))...

I challenge you to go through your stuff and re-discover hidden treasures and make a card with it (or several!)  The added bonus: a cleaner craft desk... And it's almost like getting new stuff since you didn't remember you had it! LOL


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