Sunday, June 29, 2008

My workstation :-)

Since there hasn't been much action/creativity going on here lately I thought I would share some pics of my little "work-station"... (As always, if you love details, click on the pics for a larger view.)
Before we even start, a little disclaimer: the ugly colors on my walls are from the previous owners, eventually this room is supposed to become a nicely relaxing pale aqua blue or something like that... ;-)
This is actually a corner of my bedroom. (Who paints their bedroom poop brown!?... No wonder they got divorced!...) When my parents came in December I enlisted my Dad to make me a custom desk!!! We bought wood, he designed the desk to fit in the little window nook and hug my 2 little plastic organizers on wheels, then it was sanding, and staining/varnish time. Isn't my Dad just the best?? :-D
This is my desk and the cool view above... It's perfect in the morning and very relaxing, but in the afternoon it gets way too hot to work there since the sun hits directly that window! It's Florida! ;-)

On the left just some primas and assorted flowers and my little bee... ;-) The glass jars are from candles...

On the right the tools I use most often like scissors and such. The tall plastic jars are actually popcorn containers from Target Archer's Farm, yum, guess who HAD to eat all this delicious caramel pop-corn to get the containers? LOL ;-P... They now hold my ribbons on clothepins. I got the clothepins idea from Nichole Heady and I love seeing my ribbons that way but it isn't the most functional thing IMO, since the pins take a lot of room, so since space is an issue... I might have to revisit that.... I'm tempted by ribbons rings but am too afraid my cat will have a feast taking all my ribbons for cat toys! ;-)
The little shelf is still waiting for "someone" to get his electric saw out and cut it in half (to go on the opposite wall maybe) or at least to the size of the desk for more visual appeal... so it is sitting on my containers for now... the little glass jars (from Ikea) hold my buttons and dew drops by colors.

My drawers on the left, 1st one holds all sorts of adhesives (including glitter glues) and tools (my crop-a-dile is buried in here!)...

The 2nd one is for punches and Cuttlebug die-cuts (this is a heavy drawer!! ;-))

3rd one is for stamping stuff: Clear stamps, unmounted stamps, inks, embossing powders, acrylic blocks...

Last one is for my wood mounted stamps...
My papers and cardstocks are stored in the 2 big 12X12 file holders on the left of the desk.

On the right side, 1st drawer is for embellishments: stickers, paper frills, die-cuts...

2nd is for more embellishments! ;-): brads and eyelets, tags, threads and miscellanous...

Next is my "coloring mediums" drawer... markers, colored pencils, OMS etc...
The last drawer is a sort of "catch-all" for all albums, templates and such.
On the right I have a little rolling cart with My Cuttlebug and accessories, and that's about it!
As you can see there is A LOT of stuff in there so given the tiny space I think it's not too badly organized! Maybe one day I will have my own stamping room with stuff all over the place! For now I am trying to keep it contained and I am proud to say that I usually find what I am looking for very quickly! And the sight of all those colors makes me happy.
Now of course, I'm sure you have guessed that I removed the pile of "current projects" from the top of the desk before snapping away!... ;-D...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick gift-card holder

I told you the mojo took a vacation, he isn't back yet, but I had to make a quick birthday gift-card holder for one of Noah's teacher, in behalf of the class (the moms, I should say! ;-)). It's a simple tri-fold, the moms will sign on the right part, the left part is stamped with happy birthday and the middle part holds the gift-card.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I know I have been absent lately and not very creative.
My kids have been on vacation, and now Noah goes to summer school in the morning and I have Naomi home with me, so less time for blogging obviously, but I hope to scrapbook and make cards with Naomi while Noah is at school... :-)
I have been kind of sick and not feeling well enough to stamp or craft. I have more than 400 new craft-related posts in Google Reader, waiting for me to read them... this is not gonna happen!... :-S So, if I didn't stop by and comment on your blog lately, it doesn't mean I don't like what you're doing anymore, just that life got a hold of me and I need to take a little break.
I hope to be back on track soon, but I'll take it easy with the summer and the kids around.
I wish everyone a wonderful summer!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's day from the cat

I found those Post-its with this kitten that looks a lot like my cat and thought I could make a fun father's day card for my husband.
The inside says "from Minou" and I wrote a little note thanking Dad for gettting the big heavy ladder out to get Minou off the roof etc.... Minou is our cat's name, it's french and is pretty much the affectionate name you give to whatever cat you meet, a little bit like "kitty-cat" here, we thought it would be funny since Minou is an american cat and nobody here has a clue what his name means or is... ;-)
Now I should mention that my hubby is not at all a cat person, but he didn't have a choice because when I left France to follow him I had to leave my cat behind (with my parents) and he promised then that I would have another cat one day or that we would have her come later on. (She ended up staying with my parents because they had a garden and she was much happier there.)
There isn't much to say about the card itself since I made it super simple. The green behind the orange might be a little surprising but I pulled that color from the bark of the tree branch under the cat.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I just had to share this, even though it's not craft related...
It's probably hard to read the text in the green frame so it says:

"Oh, so you're telling me she'll never do normal things?
Never hug. Never cuddle. Never climb on my back?
Never smile. Never giggle. Never make a friend?
Never go to college. Never have a job. I'll never walk her down the aisle?
Next thing you'll be telling me she 'll never kiss me on the cheek.

I got news for you."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Altered frame

Naomi is currently in NY city, she's visiting her gdparents on Long island and was supposed to go in the city today. I asked her to take lots of pictures (I LOVE NY!!) and thought it would be nice to give her a little frame when she comes back to put some of her favorite pics.
So I decorated this simple inexpensive black plastic frame from Wal-mart. I was gonna put a big flower in the middle but finally decided to leave this little square to write for example "New-York, June 07" or something like that. So I scattered flowers throughout instead...
This is probably the busiest project I ever made, LOL, but's it's for a 7 years old so you have to adapt to the recipient, right!?... :-)
I took the pic right after I was done so the glue is white in the buttons but it will eventually dry clear wich will look much better... As always click on the pic for details.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Butterfly in the making

I don't know why I'm into square cards lately, and green?... but here is another one that I was thinking about when I was barely waking up this morning.
I have a friend I haven't sent a card to in a while and she is considering going back to school to become a teacher, so I thought this message would be appropriate... :-)

Monday, June 2, 2008


The computer is acting up so if you don't see me for a while you'll know what happened...
This is the weirdest thing, when I woke up this morning (meaning the 1st time my alarm clock aggressed me, and before I hit snooze a couple of times....) I had just dreamt that I made this card! As I drifted back into sleep between two hits on snooze button, I tried to remember the card so I could make it when I would finally be able to fully wake up....
This is the 1st time I'm creating in my sleep!... ;-)
Gluing the wire proved a little tricky... I added some stickles in the hope of better adherence and to "blur" the glue lines.
Stamps: "sunflower" single and "In the treetop" by Lizzie Anne


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