Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French boarding again... ;-)

All this talk about french boards reminded me that I had been wanting to make one for my baby's room for about 2 years now and that all the supplies were just sitting in my closet.... :-S Well my "baby" is almost 3 now... so I decided there was no time like the present, even though I was already crunched for time... (yes, that's how we ADHD people function.... it's called impulse... ;-))

I took a picture of the supplies but of course I managed to delete it by mistake... LOL ;-) So you'll just have to imagine:

* a canvas
* nails and a hammer, thumbtacks
* fabric (the one I used has some batting already quilted on the back)
* ribbons
* brads

First you cut the fabric to the right size...

Then you attach the fabric to the canvas' frame with nails. I don't know how to make fancy little arrows on my pic, but the nails are put in horizontally, this way no risk of poking through the front of the project... ;-)

Then you attach a length of ribbon diagonally with thumbtacks.

After that you just keep going alternating colors if you'd like.

 I like to weave my ribbons, alternating over and under the previous one...

Then all that's left is poking little holes through the ribbon, fabric, canvas and secure a little brad at the intersections. (You can also glue all the layers together with a hot glue gun, and finish it off with a button like I did here).

All together it took me an hour. The cost is minimal compared to what you can find in stores and the options are endless... :-) Once you start making one you'll make more... ;-)

And voila!...  :-) (awaiting family pictures.... ;-))

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly Thursday: Cherry mouse

It's DT Thursday for My Thoughts Exactly, and today is the "Bee's posting day"... ;-) Don't forget to check out the other Bee's (aka Belinda) project here. :-D

Not quite sure what to tell you about my card for today. I think I was trying to have fun and make something a little different today, and I probably succeeded! LOL ;-)

I used the Sweet Thoughts stamps set, I really wanted to go with a cherry theme, I LOVE everything cherry, it is my favorite fruit and flavor for everything you can think of... ;-) This cute little mouse was feeling lonely in my drawer after I cut her out from A Cricut cartridge (Create a Critter) eons ago... ;-)  And I thought it would be unexpected to perch a tiny cherry on the top of her head... And it looks like she is wearing a little french beret... LOL ;-)

The Tag and the Trendy Twine  are of course from Annie's Paper Boutique... :-) The tag was just sitting on my desk, and when I picked this yellow striped paper it called out my name!... ;-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trendy Twine Tuesday

It's Trendy Twine Tuesday and here is my latest project with the new fall color Orange-Truffle from Trendy Twine. this color is perfect for everything fall so I decided to make a card for the Jewish New Year which was a few days ago. (Jews use a lunar calendar for their Holidays so it doesn't always fall at the same time.)

I really liked those autumn colors so I decided to make 2 different cards with the same layout and papers but swap them. I am actually not sure which one I like best!... ;-)

Apples and honey are images associated with the Jewish New Year (for a sweet year ahead) so the Autumn Flourish svg collection from Lettering Delights was perfect for my project.
I used the flourish under the apple as a base to glue my twine on. (I colored it brown first so that it would blend together better).

The flowers were made old fashion style... stamped and hand cut! (I can hear Bee(linda) gasps, as she's reading this... LOL ;-)) For the centers I punched a hole in the middle and twirled my twine around and made another hole at the end to tuck my twine in, this gives a neater result than trying to hide and glue the ends. :-)

Then I added a little sewing detail on the leaf (again punched tiny holes in the felt and used a tapestry needle) and tied my little tag with more twine... :-)

I wish I could tell you that no twine was hurt in the making of this project, but you know that I cannot lie... >.< So yes, I have to admit that there was a little bit of cursing involved... ;-) That's what happens when you have big clumsy fingers like me... ;-D
I recommend using a fast drying (and clear drying) glue for this type of project, and the use of tweezers to help hold things down as you go, and you should be just fine! :-)

And here they are, all together... :-)

This month, the twine on sale is Grape Fizz.
And don't forget to visit the Trendy Twine Blog for this month challenge! This time around you have to make a project using a pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern and some twine... The winner gets a spool of Orange-Truffle, and one random winner will get 30 yards of Orange-Truffle. :-)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly October release: Surprise Pumpkin

It's October 1st, which means it's time for another My Thoughts Exactly Stamps release, and this month 2 stamps sets are released just in time for your Halloween projects! :-)
I took a lot of pics and you'll be here for a while so settle down comfortably... ;-)

For my card today I used svg files from  SVGs by Bee. This cute little pumpkin-cat combo is called Pumpkin has a surprise...

And here is the surprise! The card contains a little cat slider...

Here he is if you take him completely out... :-)

The card opens like a regular shaped card...

Now for the stamps, there are 2 sets released this month and I used both on my project. You won't believe the number of sayings those sets contain. They are perfect for scrapbook pages, cards, and all those little treat bags projects!... :-)

 The sign on the front of my card comes from the Fright Night Phrases set.

This cute little tag attached to the cat's neck comes from the Ghostly Greetings set.

The inside sentiment comes from the Ghostly Greetings set also.  And let's not forget the cute little bat smiley that comes from the Fright Night Phrases set.

I hand cut the little leaf out of felt and used some twisted Lime Trendy Twine to add some details and make little tendrils.
(To make the tendrils, simply wrap some wax paper around a pencil, drench some twine in glue and curl it around the pencil, let it dry, then fight with it to remove it from the damn wax paper, and voila!!  :-D)

Each stamps set is $15 (shipping included) but if you buy both sets together as the Halloween Bundle, it's only $25! :-)

And to reward you for reading all the way till the bottom of this long post... My Thoughts Exactly is giving away a $5 gift certificate to one lucky commenter on this post! (that's like 33% off any one stamp set...). This time I ask that you either become a follower of my blog here, or that you follow me on Facebook. If you do both, post a 2nd comment for an extra chance to win... I usually don't ask for anything from you but I thought it would be nice for once to acknowledge the people that have been kindly following me! :-) (thanks for your support!)

Don't forget to visit the other DT members' blogs for some awesome projects highlighting those incredibly versatile stamps!:

Alyssa at My Thoughts Exactly
Bee at Bee's Hive O' Drama
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And last but not least, let me take this opportunity to announce the Fang-tastic Halloween blog-hop that will take place next Friday (till Sunday), come back for more Halloween projects and giveaways! :-D


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