Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn Squirrel

This is a card I made as my 2nd entry (1st being the strawberries) to SVGCuts August Challenge. I used Fall Pop-Up cards for the card, leaves and acorn, and used the kangaroo free file (that completes the Cuddly Animals collection) that I altered into a squirrel... :-) I think he looks a bit like a angry squirrel though, I hope he doesn't have rabies! LOL... (maybe he's just a little overprotective of his acorn, after all winter is just around the corner in some other states....;-))

For the inside I cut the word Autumn a 2nd time and glued it over. I attached a little ribbon to the T and added leaves on foam tape.

My little guy is propped on foam tape, so is the acorn (run into Cuttlebug folders) and 2 of the leaves, and his paws.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laura, Piggie and Gerald...

It's my niece's birthday next Friday. Laura is turning 6 and she loves to read "Piggie and Gerald" books. Last time she came to visit us in Florida, we went to the book store together... and shortly after, those 2 (see picture below) were taking a plane to Connecticut... ;-)
So, when I made her birthday card, I just had to make a Piggie and a Gerald to go with Laura...
I used the Cricut "Everyday dolls" cartridge to make my Laura, and SVG Cuts files (Cuddly Animals part 1 and 2) for my Piggie and Gerald.
I had lots of fun, although let me tell you, inking the edges of those tiny parts and putting foam tape behind them was quite a job for my big clumsy hands... ;-)

And I realized afterwards that I should have used darker ink on my elephant since it barely shows and that the eyes should have been a tad different (forgot the eyebrows!) to look more like the comic book... but I think she'll know who those 2 are and I think she should get a kick out of it!.... ;-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Strawberries Harvest

SVG Cuts' challenge for August has been posted and this time the requirement is to use one of their pop-up files. I know most people think Fall when they read Harvest, but I live in Florida and I am not quite ready for Fall just yet!... I decided to celebrate the sunny days of summer, and their strawberries' harvest.
My card is pretty straight forward: a lot of layering with foam tape and glue dots, a little bit of texture with embossing folders, and a tad of coloring or inking here and there...
I don't usually take my pictures in the sun, but today I thought it enhanced the summery feel of my card... ;-)

I used SVG Cuts files, the "Chamomille Friendship Cards" for the picket fence, flower pot, and bees. And the "Strawberry Lane" for the strawberries and leaves.
The inside is a Fall Pop-Up Card. I added the "berry sweet" caption and a strawberry leaf from Strawberry Lane.

I'll send this card to my sweet e-friend Bee who lives in California. She's the one who introduced me to the awesome goodness of, so I sure owe her one!! :-D
We both are nicknamed "Bee", so the 2 little bees on the card represent us... ;-)

ETA: My card tied for 2nd place in the challenge! :-D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the spotlight: Mod Paperie  

If you're a familiar from my blog (are there any of you left? LOL) you might have noticed that my sidebar with all the blogs to visit disappeared. It's because it's too hard to keep up with everyone, and since my baby was born my "blog-surfing-days" are mostly over... :-S
If you were on that list it doesn't mean I don't like what you're doing anymore or anything like that!... ;-) I miss a lot of you fellow papercrafters, but there's only so many hours in a day...

Every now and then though, I run into a blog I really want to share with others, and I will keep highlighting those in my "in the spotlight" section! :-D
Today I want to tell you about Thienly's blog: Mod Paperie. She is my "SVG/S.C.A.L/Cricut Hero"! ;-D She comes up with the most beautiful projects, always using gorgeous coordinating colors and paying special attention to details, shading, depth...
Mary and Leo were right on it and made her the 1st SVG Cuts designer! :-) You can follow her papercrafting adventures on her blog and also on the blog under "Thienly's spot" in the craft zone. By the way, if you haven't visited SVG Cuts' blog yet, you don't know what you're missing!... ;-)

Birthday Tiger

My niece's birthday is coming up, and I decided to finally try the cute little critters from SVG Cuts. I set my sight on the little tiger, shrunk him down to 50% so that I would still have room on the card... I used giftwrap as the background (love doing that) and for my little balloon. I forgot to run my white cardstock in my Cuttlebug before gluing my tiger together (on foam tape, of course ;-)) and I didn't like that it was flat so I enhanced it with a few polka dots of Stickles! Samantha is 4, so we needed some glitter somewhere, right!?... Especially since I already skipped the classic pink and purple tones... ;-)
I am looking forward to making the whole collection of those little cuties very soon.... ;-)

Happy 70

I made this card for my father-in-law's birthday, using giftwrap as my background, numbers from the SCAL library and a little blue bird from "Robins return" (SVG Cuts) for good luck. Added a little ribbon for visual interest, but as you can see, I am still not in my comfort zone with masculine cards! So it had to be simple! LOL... ;-)

Big bold flowers

I made those 2 cards a little while ago with some leftover cut out flowers and leaves that happened to match some leftover paper I had... ;-)
I am not completely happy with them but cannot figure out why exactly. I think probably the big scale of the flowers... Or maybe it's the prominence of the yellow, the only color I really dislike... ;-)
I embossed some of the flowers with the Cuttlebug and then highlighted some parts with a versamark pen and heat embossed with clear powder (which doesn't show on the pic, but brings a little bit of gloss on the pattern).


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