Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gift cards SVGCuts' style...

First let me apologize about the crappy picture but those are on their way to school first thing tomorrow morning so I had to take my pic at dusk which is never really successful for me... ;-)

Next week is teacher's appreciation week and Naomi's room Mom wanted to present the teacher with a different giftcard everyday (ambitious project!), so I made little giftcard holders for her. I have no clue what giftcards she got, except one for a massage so I just used a little bit of everything.... ;-)
All files are from SVGCuts. The ladybug was a freebie (because yes, they're cool like that and give a lot of freebies away... ;-)) and the rest is from the "Give a gift card" collection.

My little guy has croup right now so time was of the essence and I kept them rather simple (of course I forgot to run my ladybug in the Cuttlebug before assembly...) but they can obviously be spruced up.
As usual Mary paid attention to the little details, and these are a cinch to put together! :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dare to bee Creative on Facebook.

Hi everyone! I think I forgot to mention that if any of you who follow my blog (and even the ones that don't! ;-)) have a Facebook account you can also find me there now! :-)
I recently created a page: Dare to bee creative , and my blog will now appear on it thanks to Networked blog's app. The old stuff isn't on there but the new one will.
I did post a full album of pics of my "craft corner" there, but didn't get a chance to post it here yet, I will soon for the people that are not into FB... ;-)

(There is also a FB link-button in my right margin)
Thanks for visiting me, I hope to see you soon!... :-D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Smell the roses...

Here is my project for the "Cherry Blossom Challenge" on SVGCuts.com's forum.
I LOVE everything cherry blossom, I have fond memories of the huge cherry tree that was in my garden when I was a child... So when the challenge got posted my creative wheel started turning right away... the problem is, my mind was going in all kind of (very) different directions at the same time, and I couldn't decide on one option!...
It quickly became clear I wanted something a little different, so I thought this paper would work well with big colorful blooms. Now if you know me, you know that black & white isn't really a combo I use a lot in papercrafting. I find it too cold and strict. I tried to soften it up here by using a lot of patterns that ressemble old french wallpaper.

I made a little sheet music with stamps, and used the page of an old novel because I like text background a lot... (It cracked me up that the title was "Late Bloomer" so I just had to use it! ;-))
I tried using novel pages in my cricut to cut SVG's but it didn't go well at all! The paper got torn, even on a lower speed... :-(

I made my 3D blooms using the Sakura flower from the cherry blossom collection. I am so glad Mary included this simple flower in the collection as I really really love the little indentation on the end of the petal... It's my favorite one. :-)  They remind me of peonies this way, and peonies are my favorite flowers (with lilac blooms and cherry blossoms... ;-)) It's hard to see in the picture but I also cut the foliage twice and added leaves on pop-dots here and there to give it more dimension.

I finished it off with a little tag with a sentiment, and little pearls on the opposite corner, and hung it on the wall next to my crafting desk. Initially it was going to be a card, but as I was adding things on it it got bigger (it's 6X6), and the blooms are so full that they would be an issue to mail, so I glued it on a cereal box chipboard and made a little hanging sign instead... :-)
I love the end result and I had fun playing out of my "color comfort zone"... ;-)

ETA: My entry was 3rd in the challenge! :-D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday cupcake

Another birthday card for a niece... No, I'm not losing it, I just have 2 nieces and 1 nephew who have their birthdays 3 days apart... ;-)For this one I used Lettering Delights files (Sweet Nothings SVG collection). The card folds up in a sort of frame. I held it closed with a ribbon and little medallion.

When you slide the ribbon that's the 1st layer. For the following layers I added little tags to write my sentiments and make it a little more fun...

The last layer is a little cupcake...

...complete with cherry button, felt mint leaf, and swirly Stickles frosting... Yum! :-)

My hubby thinks it's not very child friendly... I admit I have troubles with children cards, I often make them too "babyish" or too grown-up, but I think this one is fun enough for a child because of all the layers to open... ;-)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the spotlight: Make Something Splendid

Envelope Book by Liz Kartchner

I'm sure all of you already know Elizabeth Kartchner! :-D But you might not know that she has a new website called "Make something splendid" where you can purchase video tutorials (with or without kits to complete the projects).
I am tempted by the (soon to come) felt cupcakes!... :-P And that little Glassine Envelopes Book she made for her baby Lola is just adorable... <3
Check it out!... :-D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry waterfall

Since I'm on waterfall mode, I made this card for my niece, using again SVGCuts' files.
Instead of the flowers cut-out from the original file, I used a strawberry (from Strawberry Lane) to match my paper.

For the following panels I stamped my sentiments and little strawberries...

I'm sorry about the color of my last pics, they came out really weird and my editor just wouldn't let me fix them the right way! >:-( (It might be time to invest in Photoshop elements...)

Birthday Dino

I made this Dino waterfall card for my nephew, using Mary's cool files (Waterfall Cards from SVGCuts. com). These files are a breeze to work with!... :-)

This is the inside of the mouth, where I stamped my birthday wishes... :-)
I hope at 7 he isn't too old for dinosaurs!... ;-)

(speaking of which, you can barely see in the pic but a big lizard was sunbathing on my window ledge when I was taking the pic, I thought it was funny so I included him... It's the tiny little black thing at the bottom right corner. LOL)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got SVGs?

Just a little reminder that Dollar Days are still on at Lettering Delights! SVGs are $2, graphics and papers are $1... New collections have been released and they are included in the sale...
If you haven't fallen head over heels for their designs already, now is the time! :-D

Oh and also, don't forget that LD has a contest going on right now, all you have to do is create something with their svg files and you could win a Silhouette. Check it out!... :-)


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