Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yesterday was our anniversary, so I made my 1st "Love card"...

It is a little flashy and very glittery, LOL, but I had fun and used the "Love you to pieces" stamps set dear to my heart, since every time someone buys it, some money is donated to Autism Speaks. The puzzle piece is the symbol of autism, and my little guy has autism.I used some patterned paper from Valentines'day... and even though my picture doesn't really show it well, the puzzles pieces are mounted on pop-a-dots, and the weird thing on the heart is a little piece of ribbon thread through it.
If I had more time I would have made a 2nd version with paler colors (the heart is way too bright I think) and brown stamped shadows around the puzzles pieces but I didn't have time so...!
I'm sure I'll do something a little more subdued next time!... ;-)

But my husband loved the card and said "It's about love so it cannot be too red or too glittery!" LOL! ;-)

If you love those stamps you can find them here : (You can also get them unmounted if you like it better).

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