Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm gonna take a chance posting this card before I know that the recipient got it but I think she is way too busy to visit my blog right now...
Chelsea asked if I would sell her a custom card to send her cousin Laura (a.k.a "the stampin' soldier") who's in Afghanistan. I was quite flattered that someone would offer to buy a card from me, and even though I didn't take her up on that offer, I was more than happy to make a card for Laura.
Since Nathan was born there just isn't time for cards or scrapbooking and I welcomed the excuse/motivation... ;-)
Chelsea mentioned the polka dots Prima she saw on another card and I started with that. Then I got the idea to add those adjectives (from a Cuttlebug folder) and I ended up with this strange card that I like a lot.
If you don't read Laura's blog yet (, you should pay her a little visit. She shares her creativity and her experience as a soldier and she is a pretty amazing person.
Thanks Chelsea for the ego boost and making me a part of this! :-)


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

You are just amazingly sweet Bee......along with being creative and talented!!! What a pretty card and how awesome to bring such a smile to Laura!!!

Fightin' Texas Aggie said...

awh!! bee, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for the card. I haven't been able to get to my P.O. Box because the MSC (where my P.O. Box is) has been closed for spring break, but it will open tomorrow and I will ship it all off to laura this week!

Fightin' Texas Aggie said...

Hey bee! I just went to my P.O. Box and I got your parcel!

I am waiting for Laura to confirm the address that I should be sending her mail to because I have sent her a few letters and I want to make sure that those letters got there fine with the address she gave me before I send this important stuff! :)

The card looks even cuter in person! I love it. I am just so excited. I called my mom and told her all about it as soon as the package arrived. My boyfriend was there when I went to my P.O. Box and he thought it was so cool that you did this for Laura! Thank you so much again. I will keep you updated on when I mail the parcel and all that. I just want to be completely confident that it will get there. Hopefully if I hear from laura today or early enough tomorrow, I will be able to mail it tomorrow, but it depends on when I hear from her.

talk to you again soon!


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