Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today is my sweet little Nathan's 1st birthday!
Waow, where did that year go? One thing for sure is that there was way less papercrafting and sleep than the year before!... :-(
But he's obviously worth it, my little ray of sun, and I absolutely wanted to make a card for him today, even though all 3 kids are sick and so am I.

I was very proud of my clever gingham bear (whose purpose was to match the lovely ribbon...), until I remembered, halfway through the process, that Nichole (Heady, who created this set) made a card with a Copic-colored-gingham-look bear when the stamps set was introduced. Oh well... Guess it made its way into my subconscient... ;-)
I also tried to do a fuzzy brown bear with fun flock but I don't have a glue pad so it didn't go well... LOL
Now this isn't any ordinary bear, it's stamped 4 times actually, once on cardstock for rigidity, once on the gingham paper, then once on blue vellum to kind of give a more weathered look (didn't want a new bear, wanted a 1 year old bear ;-)...), then the last detail is the nose stamped on cardstock again. And then of course the bear is mounted on foam tape.The "one" is colored with markers and then I added a tiny higlight on each letter with my white gel pen (also on the bear's nose).
Now I wish you could have seen the smile Nathan gave that little blue bear when he saw it! Priceless!... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN, love you to pieces!


Myrna said...

This is adorable. Love the bear.

Anonymous said...

J'adore !
Happy Birthday Nathan !


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