Saturday, July 24, 2010

Citrusy Thanks

I have been gone for so long!... I had some computer problems, my laptop crashed and the hard drive had to be replaced, but luckily we were able to retrieve my svg files and such! Phew!...

In the meantime I wasn't uploading or posting anything!... :-(
I made this card a while ago, for Catherine ( after winning this stamp set on her blog. :-) You might not know this but, a few months ago, I decided I wouldn't buy any stamps till the end of the year. Let's face it, I still have stamps that haven't been inked yet (shame!! but time is an issue...) and well, this little hobby of mine can be rather costly so I'm trying to be reasonnable... So it was a pleasant surprise to win some stamps... ;-)
Now this is a stamps set all about tea (created in collaboration between Catherine Doucette and Lauren Meader for My Time Made Easy), but I live in Florida and I decided to show my love for citrus and the sunshine state by using the little lemon slice and no tea themed stamp instead...

The colors on my pic are a little off, I swear it is less fluorescent in real life... ;-)

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Bee's hive said...

So cute! Ahhh I can smell the citrus now...yummy:0)


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