Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French boarding again... ;-)

All this talk about french boards reminded me that I had been wanting to make one for my baby's room for about 2 years now and that all the supplies were just sitting in my closet.... :-S Well my "baby" is almost 3 now... so I decided there was no time like the present, even though I was already crunched for time... (yes, that's how we ADHD people function.... it's called impulse... ;-))

I took a picture of the supplies but of course I managed to delete it by mistake... LOL ;-) So you'll just have to imagine:

* a canvas
* nails and a hammer, thumbtacks
* fabric (the one I used has some batting already quilted on the back)
* ribbons
* brads

First you cut the fabric to the right size...

Then you attach the fabric to the canvas' frame with nails. I don't know how to make fancy little arrows on my pic, but the nails are put in horizontally, this way no risk of poking through the front of the project... ;-)

Then you attach a length of ribbon diagonally with thumbtacks.

After that you just keep going alternating colors if you'd like.

 I like to weave my ribbons, alternating over and under the previous one...

Then all that's left is poking little holes through the ribbon, fabric, canvas and secure a little brad at the intersections. (You can also glue all the layers together with a hot glue gun, and finish it off with a button like I did here).

All together it took me an hour. The cost is minimal compared to what you can find in stores and the options are endless... :-) Once you start making one you'll make more... ;-)

And voila!...  :-) (awaiting family pictures.... ;-))


JustYolie said...

It turned out so pretty!!! Great job!

GrandparentsRoc said...

I really love your creations.


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