Monday, March 26, 2012

Cat in the birthday hat

My autistic son Noah is 9 years old today! :-) He loves Dr Seuss' books and videos so I was thrilled when I found this free svg recently via Pinterest! :-D  Thanks to The Lady Wolf for sharing her svgs with everyone. :-).
The paper in the background is from the new Birthday Boy mini collection from EchoPark, it came out as digital today so it was just meant to be... ;-)
Twine is by The Twinery, and stamp is PTI.

~Happy Birthday Noah!~ You're as quirky as Dr Seuss and I love you to pieces! <3 :-D


Madeline Morcelo said...

I love this card and went to visit the blog you make reference to in your post but couldn't find the svg for the Cat in the Hat. I emailed her but have not gotten an answer, Since you got this free from her blog, is there any way you can help me emailing me the svg for the Cat in the Hat? I am going to appreciate it so much, my daughter's birthday is coming soon and she wants a party with the Cat in the Hat. Thank you so much!!My email is

margaret brent said...

Hi! I'm looking for the cat in the hat sag file. It has been removed and I was just wondering if you still had it and were able to send it to me or tell me where I could find it? I would really appreciate any help! TIA
my email is

margaret brent said...

*SVG file


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