Saturday, January 26, 2008

Playing in the Cherry Blossoms...

When I was a kid, we lived for a few years in a house that had a fantastic garden. It was huge and was what's called a "suspended garden". From there you could peek down at the whole neighborhood or if you were keeping your gaze horizontal you would only see the sky!
There were all kind of plants and trees, and we even grew our little lettuces and radishes and strawberries. I was very fond of that garden and remember it pretty well, there were huge peonies (probably my favorite flower to this day), tulips, daffodils, narcissus, and also some bamboos and a huge cherry tree (we would make jam every year) and also an adorable japanese appletree with bright pink flowers and a red trunk.

So when I saw the new set from Lizzie Anne "Far East" it brought me right back in my garden and I had to have it! But I also needed the PTI "Out on a limb" because I wanted some leaves for my tree!
For as far as I can remember I have loved drawing trees with leaves. When I am doodling on a piece of paper, the 1st thing that comes to me is a tree and I then draw each and every leaf...

At first those 2 sets seemed a little too similar and I tried to choose just one of them (too many stamps, too little money!!) but I finally gave in and bought both of them because in my mind they are complimentary.... The PTI features a branch with lots of options from dogwood blossom to leaves to berries, but not cherry blossom. And I needed the cherry blossom. (well it's my b-day next month so I got myself my present!!) Plus the lotus flower in that set looks like a lily pad to me and I love lily pads too (they remind me of Monet) and I had an idea in my head when I saw it...just didn't get the time to get to it yet... ;-)
It is funny how oriental designs and cherry blossoms are very "in" lately, you see them everywhere, from stamps to designer papers!
Did you know that the cherry blossom (and also the tree) is called "Sakura"? :-)

So anyway here are 2 cards I made combining this 2 sets. I am in love with those sets and I know they will stay among my favorite of all time because they are timeless and versatile enough for any occasion, plus they bring me back in my childhood's garden... and that is priceless.
The 1st card I made was the red one, I was just playing around when I just got the stamps and I liked it enough to make a card out of it, the 2nd was because I so loved my background paper that I had to duplicate it! I love it when stamps sets give you tiny little details to use whichever way you want! ;-) I can't wait to play more with those sets! :-)


Kim Hughes said...

you did a beautiful job :)

Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh I LOVE the pink and brown one :D
THe other one is pretty too. But you know how I feel about pink and brown :D You ahve been a BUSY BEE :D


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