Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Letter

Tomorrow is the birthday of the daughter of my friend and "scrapbooking buddy" Sandrine.
Turns out, it's also Ebeth's daughter b-day!...
So happy birthday to the little ones... :-)
The other day at Walmart I bought those big wooden letters to put in my kids 'rooms. I've always wanted to decorate those, and seeing Lauren's recent creations with letters made me take the plunge. So I also bought one for my friend's daughter and gave it a it is!
The paper is a "Borders" wrapping paper find, on sale the other day, and I really love it. It is double-sided, the back being the backgroung of my pic...
She is 6 years old so I hope I didn't make it too "old" for her, but every little girl loves flowers and hearts right? The only thing missing is a butterfly! LOL!
C is for Cassandre.

1 comment:

Elizebeth said...

This is really cute. And I don't think it's too old for a 6 year old, lots of flowers and happy bright colors!


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