Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby planner

When I saw the holiday planners on Michelle's blog ( it instantly got the wheel turning into my head as to how to adapt this to my current "baby-on-the-brain" state!! All you need is a 5X8 junior notepad and 2 sheets of 8X11 cardstock.
Her version is chic and embellished, you can find her tutorial and template here: It can be adapted to so many occasions! :-)
My version is way more simple but I wanted to be able to carry this in my bag without worrying that it might be torn or damaged in any way. For the cover focal point and the accents inside I just used some cute baby gift wrap, and I used my sewing machine on paper for the 1st time. That didn't exactly go as planned since I sewed on the wrong side of the cardstock and my machine wasn't set right for paper obviously either!! (if you click on the pics for a larger version it will be obvious!!) But hey, that was a first ever attempt and this is how you learn... but I admit I was too lazy or impatient to do it all over again! ;-) LOL! I also added a bit of ribbon so that it would stay closed in my bag.

In the little pocket I tucked some custom notecards, made from white cardstock with a little piece of wrapping paper wrapped around and rounded corners. I made one for names (serious brainstorming going on there) and one for my list of essentials! Plus one for whatever I will soon realize I forgot to plan for! ;-) ...
This was a fun and quick little project (if you omit the time spent fighting with the sewing machine of course...) and Naomi already wants me to make one for her!...(but without the sewing! Phew!) :-D


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

This is sooo cute!!! I saw Michelle's and these are such great gift ideas!! I love your "baby" version!

Ana Baird said...

adorable! love that teddy!

Beate said...

That's adorable!
Hugs and smiles

Sharon Rivera said...

This is a great project! Very cute baby version. Congratulations and God's blessing to you for a healthy pregnancy and bouncing baby boy!

wendy said...

Cute project - the bear is adorable!

L'shanah Tovah to you as well! :) I'm running around crazy because I did not get home till after 5pm and still had a chicken to throw in the oven!

Carolyn King said...

that is adorable. i love the bear on the front! Great job!


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