Thursday, September 25, 2008

"To-do" album

This is not a very involved project on the creative side, but hopefully it will make my life easier nonetheless!! It's a journal I bought at Michaels for $1 and turned into a "to-do album" for the family.
I love to be organized but I am usually not!! The older I get, the more I forget things, and I hate lists (and sometimes misplace them!... ;-))
So I used little tabs with each family member's name to customize this booklet and have everyone's stuff in the same place (yes "baby" is written in pencil so I can erase it afterwards and write the baby's real name! ;-)). The tabs stamps are by Stampendous and you can find them here If you haven't visited Carrie's online store yet, it is time, she has a great selection of clear stamps:
For the cover I just used a white label and stamped & embossed (for durability!) "to-do" to hide the original "journal" title.
Now let's just hope we actually do some of the things already listed in the booklet!... LOL ;-)

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh I hear ya about the organizing!! I really love to be organized too, but seldom works out for me as much as I'd like!! LOL


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