Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Empty" Flowers

Any papercrafter will tell you this: we don't like wasting paper! ;-) We love, use, and abuse every little piece of paper leftover... So after I cut those flowers the other day for an explosion box (with the SCAL and my Cricut), I knew I had to use their mirrored image in a way or another... ;-)
So I distressed the edges of the flowers and dots with a file (a little over the cardstock surface too) and propped that piece of cardstock on foamtape to accentuate the "empty" petals effect. For once I used the fact that this cardstock has a white core (which annoys me every time I use it for a box! ;-)) to my advantage by tearing it up. Then I just adhered some buttons, and to bring a little life in my plain design I added some Stickles here and there. This card is for my hubby's Grandma and she deserves some sparkle! :-D


Myrna said...

I know Gramma will love this card. I like the fact you waste not, want not.

Ann Flower said...

I love seeing how illustrators use their own set! And I love seeing such out of the ordinary ideas! Love this


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