Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For NieNie

Today I want to share a card I made for someone truly special, that I don't even know.
I discovered the existence of Stephanie Nielson, and her blog NieNie's Dialogues ( ), shortly after her nearly fatal plane crash in August of 2008, through a prayer call on another papercrafter's blog.
Since then I followed her journey through hell and back, and let me tell you, this woman has been touched by grace. If you have a bad day and are feeling cranky about your little headache, go read about life as a Mom of 4 trying to handle everyday life while copying with constant pain and multiple reconstructive surgeries.
This all put things back into perspective, in a very sad way, but also an uplifting one. Because if she can live that life and still smile and be the woman that she is, so can we all.
Stephanie is a mormon. I am not, but I believe her life will touch you whatever your faith...
My card was inspired by a picture of her from before the accident. The whole family is outside, all dressed up for Sunday, and she is wearing this bright red lipstick that reminds me of cherries... I used (cuttlebugged) vellum cardstock to make a window so you actually see through the front of the card. The polka dots reminded me of her (and her kids') freckles... ;-)


Myrna said...

Love this card.

Bee's hive said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes...just so you know I'm still recuperating from the magaritas and all the toys we had to pick up, but really do miss your eyeball looking at me.
Your cards are just amazing!

luna47 said...

What a fresh, sweet card - it looks so summery and cheerful and clean.


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