Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laura, Piggie and Gerald...

It's my niece's birthday next Friday. Laura is turning 6 and she loves to read "Piggie and Gerald" books. Last time she came to visit us in Florida, we went to the book store together... and shortly after, those 2 (see picture below) were taking a plane to Connecticut... ;-)
So, when I made her birthday card, I just had to make a Piggie and a Gerald to go with Laura...
I used the Cricut "Everyday dolls" cartridge to make my Laura, and SVG Cuts files (Cuddly Animals part 1 and 2) for my Piggie and Gerald.
I had lots of fun, although let me tell you, inking the edges of those tiny parts and putting foam tape behind them was quite a job for my big clumsy hands... ;-)

And I realized afterwards that I should have used darker ink on my elephant since it barely shows and that the eyes should have been a tad different (forgot the eyebrows!) to look more like the comic book... but I think she'll know who those 2 are and I think she should get a kick out of it!.... ;-)


Bee's hive said...

I think it's perfect just the way it is...It is crazy how perfect the animals were for it! Lucky niece.
Did I tell you I'm searching for a frame for my card? YES I am! It's just too darling and must be on display..
Oh speaking of pigs have you seen the Geico commercial with the pig...I'll blog it. The kids will love it.

Thienly Azim said...

You did an amazing job on this! It is so cute and hope that your niece liked it! I think that you did a terrific job on inking (it's a big job to do that isn't it?), and I quite like the subtle inking on the elephant. I love your cards :)


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