Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carnet de Voyage

Naomi is turning 10 next week... and the lucky girl will go to France this summer as her gift. She will spend almost 4 weeks at her grandparents, in the suburbs of Paris. She'll go visit Paris and other parts of France, maybe even the French Riviera where she was born right before we moved back to the States... She'll get to walk to the bakery for a fresh baked baguette and eat all kind of cheeses, or go to the farmer's market and choose from an array of fresh produces. She'll get to spend time with family, meet her distant cousins... and just have a wonderful time! :-)
I am so jealous! >.<  But because I am a nice mom still, I made her a little "Travel diary" to take with her so she can write things from her trip that she wants to remember, and write her thoughts when she is homesick too... ;-)
It was the 1st time I used my Cinch and let's say I ran into a few problems... I used svg files from the SVGCuts collection "Cherry Blossom" and the freebie branch, and the Eiffel Tower is from their "Amelie's Accessories" collection. I handcut the leaves and the tag is made with a Papertrey die. I kept everything super flat, the opposite of if this was a card, so that hopefully the decorations will stay on the notebook all summer long, even with this being put in and out of a bag. I still have my doubts, but we shall see!... :-s


Bee's hive said...

This is so pretty Bee! Wow you are so brave. I wish you could go with her.

Ruth E. said...

I agree the journal is pretty and a wonderful idea. You are braver than I,I don't know if I could let my 10 year old go with out me! I hope she has a safe trip and a wonderful time!

Thienly Azim said...

Wow, what a beautiful looking journal! This is going to be such a memorable gift and she can look back at her memories of her trip forever. Thanks for also making another entry for the challenge, too! xoxo

stampgram said...

Beautiful travel journal. I have made several Round Robin journals and they have to hold up to being mailed to 10 to 12 artists to work in over a period of a year. I usually coat the covers with Decoupage medium to seal them and make sure nothing will fall off. This also makes them wipeable as it gives a nice hard finish. You might think of doing this to protect your daughter's journal. It does need to dry thoroughly (like overnight)between coats to give a really good finish.Try it on another project first to see if you like the effect.

Miami refractive surgery said...

Your daughter is a lucky girl, I wish I was in her place right now and go on a trip to France. This is one of my dreams to go to Paris, I heard many things about French people and history and especially about French cuisine, hope someday my dream will come true,


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