Sunday, July 10, 2011

For Stephanie and Steve

I made this card for my cousin Stephanie who is getting married next week-end! I doubt my card will make it on time unfortunately.... :-S My cards to Naomi have been talking a week! Insane!... :-(

Anyway, I had a clear vision of what I wanted in my head but my stupid Cricut gave me major trouble, refusing to cut little details correctly, I almost gave up, but you all know I am rather stubborn, and I was not ready to let the machine win!...
I'll spare you the different stages and the un-doing to do something else, here is the finished version and I am happy to say that I like it! ;-)

I used a method called paper toling, which means that you glue several identical shapes on top of each other to give them body and dimension, Here only 2 layers. The files are from Lettering Delights, from the wedding collection in the Simple Shapes. (Told you I love those simple shapes, already use them all the time! Today is the last day to get them on sale...) I just love the simple lines of that dress... <3

The twine is from The Twinery, love this muted color. I used ivory, turquoise and dark chocolate brown (which looks more like black in my pic) for my card since those are the wedding colors my cousin picked. Gorgeous pairing in my opinion... :-D

I didn't want to use a classic "congratulations" sentiment so I looked into my birthday sentiments stamps instead, and I was thrilled when I found this one, exactly what I had in mind! :-D I used copper embossing powder, I love the sort of "antique look" it gives... :-)

I'm so glad I was finally able to have the card look like what I had envisonned...  :-)


JessicaL said...

OMG, great minds think a like. I just made a card for a wedding yesterday that used the exact same SVGs in the exact same place and they were 'hung' on trendy twine! Love it!

Pixichick said...

It looks really great! All that effort paid off.

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

very pretty card! :-)

Bee's hive said...

as always beatiful card, God help I mean, bless the happy couple.:)


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