Friday, July 8, 2011

Whimsy Bee

As far as I am concerned, papercrafting is about having fun and being creative without boundaries....

So today I made a wacky card and I kind of like it! :-)
I used the little asian girl from the Asia collection of Lettering Delights simple Shapes Super Bundle, and turned it into a funny looking bee! ;-) (BTW, the bundle is only on sale till Sunday, so if you haven't caved already, check it out or you will kick yourself afterwards... I LOVE it, so so many options!...) The wings are from the bee in the bugs collection from the same bundle...

But anyway, when I saw this little china doll I thought bee, don't know why but it had to bee this way... ;-)
Now my hubby says that my bee looks constipated, I guess it's just the doctor in him talking.... ;-)
I finally digged into my hoarded primas, and I made little flower centers with clear dome stickers stuck on some matching paper. I would have liked to use big buttons, but since the card goes to France again I wanted to keep it rather flat... ;-)
I tried to give my bee little arms and really didn't like the results so I followed Alyssa's lead instead (see her Ninja card ) and bundled my bee with twine.... And I'm sure you have recognized the "bee-utiful" as part of The Birds & Bees stamps set from My Thoughts exactly... :-D

And voila, a wacky little card that is sure to have my daughter go "what on earth is this??..." when she opens the envelope! Mission accomplished! :-D


In Love with a Bug said...

Very creative and so so so cute! TFS! Melanie

Kasi said...

That is sooo cute!

Bee's hive said...

I love this constipated Bee, and if she wants to give a bound up face then that's fine...She's lovely!

Becki said...

I can't tell you how much I love this card!! I haven't gotten the set yet, I need too!


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