Friday, April 20, 2012

Washi stripes

My mojo seems to have left for a  long vacation... >.< So I decided to play around with my tapes a little bit and came up with this card. These are the paper tapes from Target (Up brand, $4 for 4 rolls.) It's hard to see the patterns in the pic because of the transparency of the tapes and the dark background.

The stamp is from My Thoughts Exactly (More Mini Thoughts set), I just love that font! :-)

The inside sentiment is also from My Thoughts Exactly, I used the Many Thanks set . I had to use the Merci!... LOL ;-)
I'm sending the card to Alyssa (my "boss" as I used to call her ;-)), since my term on the team is coming to an end. I know I have made the right decision in leaving, as things are crazier than ever here, but part of me is sad nonetheless... Good times and good memories! :-)


Jennifer Rzasa said...

I think Alyssa will love it!

Bee's hive said...

So cooool! You will be missed Bee:)

Queenie said...

Hiya Bee . . .wish i could turn out that when my mojo skips town!!
Love the washi tapes,i don`t have any yet but have had a go at making my own.
Alyssa will love the card and heres to making new memories and staying in touch!!
Big hugs

Anonymous said...

Bee, I got my card yesterday and I love it!! Actually I think it came sooner, but Brian is the only one who has a mail key, and if he glances in there and it looks like there's just ads and other junk he just leaves all the mail in the box, lol! I always bug him about it, like one time I asked him if he was sure we didn't have any mail and he said yeah he was sure and then I took his key and went down there and found my paper crafts magazine!! Anyway, I love the beautiful card, thank you Bee! And I have loved having you as a part of the MTE team. I hope you know you are always welcome to pop in and guest design, don't be a stranger!

<3 Alyssa


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