Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baby girl

I wanted to try Lauren's sketch challenge from this morning, but for whatever reason my card got derailed in another direction...then I tried again and the result is...blah...
And actually when I was moving it around to try to get some kind of correct lighting I made the glitter pen and ink smear all over so it ended up in the trash! :-(
I needed 2 cards to accompany gifts for baby-girls (just what I needed in the midst of my holiday breakdown!!) so I think not having the liberty of chosing the theme or the stamp blocked my inspiration!!
My camera is acting up big time, shutting off by itself whenever it feels like it...which of course didn't help with my mood.
I am tired and sick (sore throat), I haven't been sleeping well for a couple of nights because I couldn't swallow or woke up choking, so I'll just blame my current state for my blah-ness!... :-)I guess you can't always be happy with your work, or can you?

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