Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I finally finished my candles for Noah's teachers & therapist. Just a little something to accompany gift cards.
I know everyone here knows how to make those, but allow me to explain for my friends and family who don't have a clue!... ;-)
First you stamp (or draw) on a piece of tissue paper, then you wrap the paper around a candle and heat it up with your heating gun (a craft tool much like an hairdryer but that blows less and heat more...). The heat melts the candle which then "absorbs" the paper, leaving only a beautiful design behind.... (in theory, LOL! Sometimes the candle melts a little uneven leaving a few bumps along the way...).
The 1st pic is, obviously, of my stamped design, then it's the finished product! :-)
I hope they like it, I have no clue about what colors they like or anything....Thanks to the monogram regifting would be hard, LOL, but they can say they used it and it's burnt out and get rid of it if they find it hideous!
I like "disposable" gifts for people I don't quite know. I think the correct etiquette about that is to give something that can either be eaten or broken so that people have the option of having the gift disappear, LOL, I think this is wisdom!!! :-D
Stamps : "Boho Blossom" by My Favorite Things, "Ambassador monogram" by PaperTrey Ink, "Sewing kit" by Gel-à-tins
Ink : Brilliance Coffee bean, stamp markers


Fe-Fe said...

Very wise words about disposable gifts for people you don't know but I don't think you have anything to worry about, your candles are lovely and I'm sure the recipients will love them too.

Fe x

Elizebeth said...

These are really nice, Im sure his teachers and therapists will like them. Who doesnt like a candle?

I've still never decorated my own candles, maybe I'll get to it after Christmas!

Hope your planning is going well!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

These are gorgeous, Bee! I have yet to master the art of doing candles. I think I'm too heat happy with the embossing gun, but it looks like you have it down to a science!

And you're gorgeous, too! Nice to finally have a face to put with the name! :)

Fe-Fe said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hugs Fe x

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