Friday, February 1, 2008

3 fold b-day gift-card holder

Next week or so is the birthday of one of Noah's teachers, all the parents (there's only 8 kids in class) participate in a gift card, and I offered to make the b-day card.
I made a simple tri-fold card and glued a little pocket in the middle (embossed with a cuttlebug folder) to hold the gift card (with a little slit to hold it in place). I also glued some white paper inside so we can all sign the card. It's hard to see on the pic, but the pink sign on the card also is embossed with happy birthday, I debated for a long time whether to put it or not but it looked empty without it.... I didn't have tiny magnets so I closed it with velcro! :-) Of course there are Stickles on the cupcake.. ;-)
Obviously the colors of the pic (inside) are off, that's because I took it at night...
I really love the colors of this paper and the brown together but I kept doing things wrong with this card, I glued the paper upside down in the back of the card, didn't cut straight here and there etc... It was one of those simple projects that end up taking more time than they should ;-)
But I love it and it is for a special person so it was worth the time.


Elizebeth said...

That DP is so cute! And I LOVE your new banner!

aniM said...

i love to see ur's so nice!!


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