Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry waterfall

Since I'm on waterfall mode, I made this card for my niece, using again SVGCuts' files.
Instead of the flowers cut-out from the original file, I used a strawberry (from Strawberry Lane) to match my paper.

For the following panels I stamped my sentiments and little strawberries...

I'm sorry about the color of my last pics, they came out really weird and my editor just wouldn't let me fix them the right way! >:-( (It might be time to invest in Photoshop elements...)


*CAFE said... favorite!! Love the card, Bee! Yes, won't be sorry! lol! (I'm an enabler, what can I say?!) lol!

Bee's hive said...

I love strawberries! I have to ask you SO many questions. As far as Photo shop, just make sure you have extra hair~!


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