Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wedding cut-out card

I made this card for my husband's cousin's wedding, using Lettering Delights SVG files. The front of the card is cut-out, I added some white cardstock inside for more contrast. The choice of colors comes from the fact that orange is the bride's favorite color and was used in their wedding's invitations.

This is one of those cards that doesn't photograph well at all (yes, my photographic skills also need serious improvement, if only there was 36 hours in a day...), especially since it needs to stay flat and keeps popping open... ;-)
When I was making the card, it looked to me like a floral cut-out card... but when I was snapping pictures I started seeing some sort of weird monster with orange eyes, pointy ears, and an open mouth, coming out from behind a floral panel... LOL Can you see it too? ;-P

This 2nd part is a little giftcard holder to go with it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my your card is so pretty.

Bee's hive said...

yoooooou are so good! Poor thing running around like a chicken without a head...I promise no hops for a while!
But dAng this sure is a pretty card!

Becki said...

I think the monster is adorable! Lovely card as always.


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