Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Noah!

My little guy is 5 today!!
Waow, I still can't believe it.
Ever since he was officially diagnosed with autism, (the day after his 2nd b-day), his birthdays have been bittersweet for me.I'm happy to see him grow and progress every day and he just amazes me! :-)But at the same time I cannot help thinking that he is not the typical 5 years old. In some ways I am happy about that, LOL! In other ways not so much. He still wears diapers and need help getting dressed, he still isn't talking like a regular kid, we cannot make out a lot of what he says and the majority of his langauge consists of scripting (or echolalia) which means he repeats things he heard on TV, or videos....He sure came a long way in those 3 years. But there is still so much to be done. I have every trust in his abilities though and I know this little guy isn't done amazing me.
There isn't a day that I don't tell myself "you are so lucky to have this little guy in your life". He really is a gift and a blessing, a ray of sun in my life. And we are very lucky with his autism because he doesn't have a lot of the characteristics that make everyday life with autistic kids a challenge (he is pretty easy going and isn't stuck in a routine that you cannot disrupt.) He really is a good little guy that seems happy 95% of the time!
His smile is priceless...
I don't think he realizes what is going on or what a birthday is, but it will come in time.
For now I'm just happy to celebrate the arrival of that little miracle in my life. :-)
I love him to pieces, and I am SO proud of him, he has no idea! ;-)
Now the card is very simple because the last one I made for him didn't interest him a bit, LOL! ;-) My son really loves watching Pingu (a cartoon made with animated clay about the cutest little penguin and his family and friends, so the choice of stamp was easy... and he really is "One in a million"♥... I embossed the penguin before coloring it to have some kind of definition even though it's colored in dark tones...then Noah came to request to watch Pingu and while putting it on for him I realized I had forgotten the little yellow ring around the white of the belly... It's all in the little details... ;-)

I hope he likes it.... :-D
Happy Birthday Noah!


Lee said...

Awww....what an absolutely precious card for your precious little guy!!! Happy B-day to him!! Have you checked out Erika Martin's blog?? Her son also has been diagnosed with Autism and she's got so many cool resources and fund-raising awareness along with her fabulous projects!!

Carolyn King said...

What a sweet post---
Congrats on your sweet boy's fifth birthday. I am sure there are so many happy (and sad) emotions you are feeling--I cannot even imagine.
Hugs--I am sure he WILL love this fantastic card his awesome mom made just for him!

Elizebeth said...

HAppy Birthday to Noah!

And while you might be feeling bittersweet, I know the sweet outweighs the bitter!

Lots of hugs to him and to You!!!!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh Happy Birthday NOAH!! Im sorry Im so late :C Your card is way cute though!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Sorry posted too soon-You know I totally understand the good and bad feeling you have with each passing year. Its never easy and every little milestone is really a huge one. You will look back and remember "when". My neighbor has 2 Autistic children and thier youngest has grown leaps and bounds, and is really just amazing. A far cry from the boy I met 5 years ago! Keep up the good work. Just want to send you a HUGE CYBER HUG!

Melanie said...

Great card and post! Sorry I'm so behind! I'm glad to hear more about him :)


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