Sunday, March 16, 2008

In the spotlight: Kim Hughes

I had mentioned her in my post yesterday, but afterwards I thought she deserved her own post... ;-)
I don't remember how I stumbled onto Kim Hughes's blog a few months ago, it was just one of those exciting time when you are blog hopping and you find one you really like...

It so happens that Kim designs stamps and sell them through Cornish Heritage Farms. I don't own any of her stamps sets yet (watching the budget, remember!?...:-) ) but I like their fun and whimsical charm.
Here are my 2 favorites so far : "Cute curls" and "a welcome hug"
They can be found at along with quite a few other sets! :-)

Kim's blog (Paper Hugs) is fun and her creations are always original with great color impact and play with textures.
Pay her a little visit, I think you'll like it!:


Ana Baird said...

Thanks for sharing these sites!

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi, Thanks....I have seen Kim's blog and she has fantastic style. Though like you I am saving my money....Jennie

Lee said...

I'll have to check it far I've ordered from Cornish Heritage Farms the Thomas Kincaid stamps.........I'll definitely go look at Kim's stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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