Friday, May 23, 2008

Hoppy Father's day

This is the card I made for my husband for father's day, "from" the kids! ;-) Noah cannot make one so he'll use this one and Naomi will write a little note in there, plus she will make her own card.... And I might make a different one just from me... When Naomi saw it she immediatly said "this is me and dady flying our kite!..."
This all started with me trying for the very first time paint thinner + colored pencils. I guess I should refer to those as "mineral spirits" and prismacolors, but I have the cheap version of all that!! LOL! So I used "oil paint thinner" found at Walmart in the arts & crafts department (I figured it should be about the same thing?...) and my Rose Art pencils (=school suplies, about $5 or $6 for 100 colored pencils...).
Now let me tell you I never used the "real thing" but I suspect it makes a slight difference because Rose Art pencils are kind of hard and they sometimes like "scratch" the paper (KWIM?) or leave pigment unevenly on the paper. So I suspect softer/smoother pencils would give a better result, but so far I haven't splurged on Prismacolors... I might soon though, since this was kind of fun and I won't be able to afford Copic markers anytime soon! :-S I am a little tired of the "kid coloring" where you can see all the pencil marks!! ;-)
Obviously I need to practice a little to figure out where to put more color and where to put less, etc... My sky is made with my favorite method: press your finger on the ink pad and press your finger on the paper! cheapest dauber ever! ;-) Of course you need a pale ink with chalky finish for that.... And the whole thing was made on watercolor paper, I have yet to try on regular cardstock to see the difference.
Now a little note about the design of this card. If you are wondering what the heck this ribbon is doing in the middle of my frogs, you are totally right! What happened is, I tried to make a little jumping mark below my frogs and hated it!! I had already finished my scene so I didn't feel like doing it all over again! I erased the mark as much as I could (which peeled the paper a bit...) and had to hide that mistake with the ribbon. I have to say I kind of like it because this was all pretty plain before, but it's not the way it was intended to be! ;-)
Sometimes you just have to find a way to transform your mistake into whatever pretend creativity!! LOL!


isabelle56 said...

Extra cette carte !

LeAnne said...

Very nice card--I love how you added the ribbon to cover up your oops! And I think the coloring is great--if this is what you get with cheapie pencils, can't imagine how great it will be with Prismas!


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