Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Brag Book

Still not much creativity going on here since the whole family is super sick!! We all spent Thanksgiving in bed, the turkey is still in the freezer!... With all the coughing involved I'm surprised my little one is still safely tucked inside!! I had to take a little trip to the ER a week ago for an asthma attack, I am still not back on my feet but hope I will soon. Realizing it IS December freaked me out big time!!...
Anyway my little project here is a mini brag book for a friend who had a baby girl a few weeks ago. The inspiration is from a kit I bought last year, I can't remember the brand but everything came on a 12X12 sheet and was pre-cut. I made my own little version and will make more of those. (I'm working on one with Naomi as a little Thanksgiving keepsake, and I hope I'll find the time to make one with our new baby...)
I'll try to make a mini-tutorial if anyone is interested.
Basically it is 2 mini booklets nestled together in a cover, you can decide on the size or the number of pages...
This one here has 3 double pages in each booklet. I made little mats with the Nestabilities where she can just add her pics (wallet size works perfectly for those) and on the opposite pages I stamped a spot for journaling where she can add the date, who's with the baby or where it was taken etc... I made a little 4X4 (somewhat) matching card with the pea (from Stampin'Up).
The little giftbox is made with Lauren's template "Music Makeover" My timeless templates. If you haven't heard about My timeless Templates yet (is it possible?) they're available through Papertrey Ink, you download them in your computer and just print them, it doesn't get any easier than that! I obviously kept mine super simple, (didn't want Lauren's box to steal the spotlight of what's IN the box! LOL ;-))


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhh sweetie!!! I'm so sorry you were all so sick you missed a yummy turkey day!!!! Big Hugs!!!! And do post a tutorial...this Baby Brag book is just FABulous!!!!!

Lydia said...

this is fabulous!!

I'm sorry you have been sick, although I got a little giggle about you having a one cough delivery!

I have missed you on chat! Take care girl - not long now.

Carolyn King said...

this is positively adorable!!!!!!!! Great job. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

Melanie said...

everyone was sick?? what a drag, I'm so sorry!! get wel SOON!!!

adorable project! :)

Lauren (mytime) said...

WOW! Is that ever adorable. Happy despite the sickness going around that you have found time for you.
Hope you feel better. I better get a baby package going!~ Its almost Jan!!!!!!!!!

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi Bee, I have been thinking about you....It is almsot time. I love all your projects. I hope you are taking care of yourself and the little one. Jennie


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