Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little secrets Pocket Book

This is another one of Lauren's templates (My Timeless Templates).
(You can actually download this one for free on PaperTrey Ink's website.)
Those little templates can become addictive you know ;-)... and I started with this one just to see how it would work out but without a definite idea in my head... These days this kind of creative spontaneity is very rare since I am always looking for time and my "to do" list isn't quite empty...
After a little bit of brainstorming with Naomi, we decided to personalize this pocket-book for my parents. They are coming in January to watch the kids while I go deliver the latest addition to the family and to help afterwards (Thank God for caring parents!♥). I like to make little projects with Naomi for them, because I always think it will be nice to look at her drawings and sloppy handwriting in a few years from now! ;-)
So basically the little pockets here are designed to hold little secret messages/love notes/drawings she will make for them during their stay and I'll make more blank cards (like the ones here in the picture) if need be... That way they can keep everything together in the same place, and can just open the booklet and look at those when they are back in France, miles aways from us, and missing their grandkids! :-(
I kept it pretty simple because I expect it to be all nice and colorful once it's filled with Naomi's artwork! :-D I just used Martha punches for the scallops and flowers, and scalloped scissors for the brown spine. The flowers' centers are buttons.


Fe-Fe said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm sure your parents will be thrilled with it and what a lovely momento to take home with them.

Fe x

Nayheli Valenzuela said...

Beautiful work, i just found your blog, your works are nice!!

Saludos desde México.

Carolyn King said...

very cute! Great job with the template--love what u did with it and i am sure your famliy will too!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

What a cute gift idea!! I will have to take a peek at some of the templates!

Jennie Skaggs said...

How friend Heidi used this template too...she was making card candy. Lovely.


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