Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!

There is still one night of Hanukkah, so technically I am not late yet...
OK, well, I mailed those out late so they won't make it on time, but you know what they say "It's the thought that counts"! :-) Sorry the pics are bad because I took them in the sun, I had to mail them right away!.... The cards are very simple, there was no time for more! I embossed them with gold or silver embossing powder on beautiful shimmery cardstock from Papertrey Ink. I know in the pic you can't see the shimmer in the paper, but IRL it is really gorgeous.
Everything is really late this year, I am way behind, but baby won't!! ;-)
I hope everyone had a happy Holiday! :-)


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Those are really beautiful and elegant!!! Have a very special holiday!!

Lydia said...

Aaaaahhhh - blue, white and yellow.


Great job.

THere's no such thing as "late" around the holidays!!

adrina said...

bonjour Bee, alors, vu ton message, toutes mes félicitations, pas d'inquiétude pour la césarienne, j'en suis à ma troisième...tu auras un petit bébé tout frais tout rose, avec un teint de pêche !!!!! gros bisous et tiens moi au courant !!! bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz adrina


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