Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fluffles and his sweater...

Well you know me and my Fluffles... I have a soft spot for the little fur ball...
This is a card I made for my brother whose birthday is next Friday.
Yes I'll admit, shame on me, I never made a card for my brother before, I am pretty much paralized at the thought of making cards for guys!! :-S... This is a very new venture for me, I made the 1st card for my Dad not that long ago! ;-)
I used my new Cuttlebug Argyle folder (love it!), added some white Brilliance ink afterwards, and then unfortunately I assumed my ribbon was thick enough that the glue wouldn't sip through... well it did a little bit but I had already finished the card when it became obvious... According to my hubby those little mistakes make my cards look more homemade, LOL! ;-)

1 comment:

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh do I hear ya!!! Masculine cards are such a major challenge for me!!! This is just PURRRfect!!!! LOL The Argyle background is awesome!!! He's gonna just love it!!


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