Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Box

I apologize for the yucky pic, but it was one of those "take the pic just as we leave" project and Noah tempered with my camera yesterday and I didn't have the time to figure out what was wrong (my wild guess is greasy little fingers all over the lense...).
So anyway I thought I'd still post it, even though I didn't get a chance for retakes, since it's my 1st ever project made with the Cricut Expression coupled with my laptop via the SCAL software. Pretty exciting, if you ask me! ;-D...
I used one of Lauren's template, that you can now purchase as an SVG file, which then allows you to resize it to your taste before having your machine cut it out for you.
You cannot see on that pic but I added extra detailing to the top using her matching cut-files. And the little onesie on the card is from the SCAL shapes library. I cut my little windows (before adhering some acetate) with a Nestability (now that was a joy since it was an afterthought, LOL) but I plan on figuring out very soon how to do that with my gadget and software!... ;-)
It took me some time because I was figuring things out as I went but I have to say it is surprisingly easy to use and really fun, and no doubt time-saving (well once you get the hang of it obviously!).
I am psyched that Lauren's templates will now be available in that format (and they still come with the pdf file so that you can choose to print them the usual way instead.)
Ain't technology grand?... (coming from one of the worst computer challenged girl...)


Myrna said...

Great little card and box. I just got the SCAL and now need to learn. Am looking forward to finding the time for learning.

Bee's hive said...

Hey nice nickname! I have the same!
FYI in case you didn't know already there is a site with svgfiles...
www.svgCuts.com they have some adorable sets for a pretty decent price and they often give out freebies if you get on their mailing list....


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