Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I did consider not posting this one for a second, because of my awful stitching, but I think the beauty of this craft is that things don't have to be perfect. And also that it's a learning curve and you have to be able to laugh at yourself.... My hubby is the guinea-pig recipient and I'm sure he won't mind. I hope you have a good laugh thanks to my card and that it comforts you in your abilities if you are a novice papercrafter! LOL ;-) There is always room for improvement!... ;-)
(BTW I love the card nonetheless... :-) )


Myrna said...

Thanks for posting this card. I loved all the squares in this "quilt" and the stitching was original.

Anonymous said...

I think the quilt looks beautiful.

jenedwards said...


I think your quilting card is lovely , very pretty and colourful and I see nothi ng wrong with it ... stop being so critical of your work !! lol

I checked your gallery and I love all your work , keep at it you are doing really well xx


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