Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!

This is the card I made for Noah's 7th birthday. I'll admit I was scratching my head a little when I sat down at my desk, not quite knowing what to make... Then I decided, instead of trying to figure out what would appeal to him, to go with something that made sense to me, hoping that one day we can sit down together and re-read his old cards. He doesn't seem to care much about the cards now, but maybe one day it will matter to him that he had them.
So I leafed through my new stack of DCWV Flowers Shower and found this rainbow/clouds paper.
I always say Noah is my ray of sunshine so the tag grabbed my eye right away, I just added the Happy Birthday, and the little ladybug for fun... ;-) Then I made little rays out of cardstock and added the button to create a little sun. I love rainbows (who doesn't! ;-)) and the clouds reminded me of Noah's autism... :-( The rainbow peeking out of the clouds, is my hope that he will get much much better... Finally I added little rhinestones as rain drops (the tears I shed from watching my child struggle with life) and some Stickles on the clouds just to make it more interesting for him to look at, and because autism can be quite fascinating... :-)
The last touch was a little heart button, because I love this little guy to pieces...


Bee's hive said...

awww lovely! And I like how you have many rainbows showing that hope lies in so many places :o)

Myrna said...

This is a precious card. I love the way you depict the feelings with it. You are kept in my thoughts and prayers.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhh this is sooo sweet Bee!!!! I've missed you....sending you hugs and prayers!!


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