Monday, March 8, 2010

Lilac Blooms

When I was about 7 years old, we moved into a big appartment (that used to be a beer brewery!) with the most magical suspended garden ever! We had a huge cherry tree (my Mom made jam every year, I remember pitting the cherries...), a japanese apple blossom tree, irises, bamboos, huge peonies, and several lilac trees (purple and white). I was very fond of this garden and wish I could show it to my kids one day, although I doubt it will ever happen... We moved to a bigger nearby city a few years later, in an appartment without a garden... :-(
Maybe it's because of this garden that lilac and peonies are my favorite flowers to this day, and that cherry and japanese apple blossom are my favorite trees... :-)

Anyway, when I saw this little flower in "Argyle Amazment" by MTME, it reminded me of the tiny flowers on a lilac bloom and I just had to try and recreate it somehow... this card was my experiment... I printed the flower in different shades of purple and with different intensity. Then I highlighted some areas with my versamark marker and embossed them with clear powder. That's what gives the glossy pink effect on the detail pic below. In real life the bloom catches the light in a very nice way. (You can see better by clicking on the pics, as this will give you giant versions)

I then embossed some more flowers and some leaves that I randomly added on pop-dots. I made the mistake of trying a branch and didn't like it but since I liked my bloom I didn't want to start over, that explains the little cluster of leaves, LOL ;-) The little rick-rack is from a Cut File called "Random ribbons", I added pearl ex on some centers, and ... voilĂ ! :-)
I will definitely make more attempts at lilac blooms, and I think this stamp could work well for hydrangeas too (although technically I think the tiny flowers that form the big blooms might have 5 petals, but when you're an artist you are allowed some creative freedom!... ;-))

This card will go to a friend in NY with a little spring surprise. With all the snow this year I'm sure she could use a little spring flair right now... ;-)


Bee's hive said...

Brava mamasita! truly gorgeous...

flowers said...

Beautiful cards ! These florals are gorgeous and nice job illustrating them! Keep up the good work.

Katiejane said...

I love this, what a great idea :)

Lauren (mytime) said...

THUD!!! I can't believe you made a lilac/hyrangea like flower! This is over the top gorgeous


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