Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's play punch buggy!

A very simple (post)card I made using the cool stickers that come in the Country Drive kit from Echo Park! 
My daughter loves to play "punch buggy" with me when we are driving around, and today I saw 6 of them while I was out running errands and it made me think about her so I just had to make her this card! When I saw the car sticker in the paper kit I knew I would use it for her eventually!... ;-) I have to say I am very impressed with those stickers, they are thick and sturdy. :-) I just added a little bit of details with markers and some twine and voila!... :-D

For the back I made it look like a postcard using PTI stamps. Isn't that cute little postage stamp just adorable? I used my favorite little bee from one of my Fluffles stamps on it, the one I use to "sign" my cards on the back... ;-) For the twine I decided to make it fun and just punched 2 holes through the card and tied 2 different colors in the front and in the back.

I think she'll have a kick out of that 5mn card! :-D

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*CAFE said... just brought back a flood of memories by mentioning that game!! lol! Great card! I'm sure she will love it, and probably cherish forever so she doesn't forget YOUR memories of the game together! :0)


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