Sunday, June 19, 2011

Noah's Father's Day tie

Well it's Father's Day and thank you LD for saving people like me that always wait for the last minute... ;-)  (Oh and before I forget, Lettering Delights is currently having a sale: 50% off everything summer themed! :-D)

Here I used the "Dad is Tops cards and bag kit" and this was a cinch to put together. I asked my autistic son Noah to color some cardstock for me and I cut the tie from this one of a kind pattern. :-D
I used a lot of foam tape between layers but kept everything monochromatic to not take away from the tie.

We also printed the little coupon book (another great limited time freebie!) but I don't know where it is so I couldn't add it to the picture. :-) My cat however was adamant that he was not going to vacate the premises just for a silly picture, so there he is, hesitating to bite the card....

I couldn't resist and took a pic while he was yawning... Look at those teeths!! :-S

I hope you all had a great Father's day with the men in your lives. :-D


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

great card! Love your kitty :-) That's such a cute picture of him yawning. One of my favorite pictures of one of my kitties is of him yawning :-)

Alyssa Leanne said...

Bee this is so adorable!! What a great idea to let Noah color the tie, that truly makes it sweet and special. This is definitely a card for daddy to keep :)

Bee's hive said...

That is a awesome idea with using the "art" for the tie! It's a wonderful way to use it in something special like this. You daBomb Bee!


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