Monday, November 12, 2007

Holiday pressure

The older I get, the more stressful I find the holiday period. :-(
Especially now that my kids are in school, trying to find gifts ideas for everyone and get them on time puts me on edge.
It is a cultural thing, I don't think we are especially selfish people in France, but we don't give gifts left and right just because it is Christmas... Maybe some chocolates here and there but that's mainly for friends and acquaintances, not so much coworkers or the doctor's office or even the teachers....

Anyway, as much as I love this tradition of giving I find it stressful for my time table and my wallet... and I am not so talented that I can get away with homemade gifts! LOL :-S...

This being said, I am working on little scrapbooks (with my kids' pics and/or their drawings) for grandparents, some also for brothers & sisters (but with their kids this time ;-)) and intend on stamping some candles to give to teachers with whatever else when I find just the right gift for them. They are very important people in our lives and I'd like to show them my appreciation (without going into debt or embarrassing them!).

This morning I tried my very first stamped candle and it went OK, I needed to try out the technique with the tissue paper, it is pretty cool indeed!...

Yesterday I made this origami box for my daughter with some beautiful cosmo crickett paper.
My husband bought an origami book a long time ago and it never occured to stupid me, when I started paper crafting a few months ago, to look into that book! *facepalm*
Anyway now I have (looked in the book)....and it is is pretty awesome!.. ;-)

ETA: I just found a tutorial for the box on SCS, for those who don't have a book... :


Fe-Fe said...

This is such a pretty box. I love all the papers and colours. Just beautiful.

Elizebeth said...

This is a fabulous box! I hear you on the gifts though, it can be very stressful! About 4 years ago I ended up making 8 scrapbooks as Christmas gifts! I havent scrapbooked since, LOL!


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