Monday, November 19, 2007

So you don't have Copic markers either?....

I have been envious of those famous markers when I see the great colorings Lauren does with them... :-P but at $4 a piece I think it will have to wait ....
In the meantime I'm making the best of my Roseart kiddie markers....
So I bought watercolor paper, since I used to do watercolor a little when I was young(er) and I wanted to give it a try with some stamps... also I thought it would be a good medium for the regular markers since it is more absorbent, and would allow me to go back on the same spot several time.

I also finally invested in quality ink and OMG what a difference it makes!!... I bought Brilliance in Graphite black and I LOVE it!
So I stamped on the watercolor paper and colored with my kiddie markers, using different shades of the same color together or going over several time with the same color to make some shading. Of course this option doesn't allow any play with very light colors since there just isn't light colors in kids markers! ;-)

It's not Copic results, (and I managed to make the bee's stripes bleed... LOL) but you'll see on the flowers that you can achieve decent results without the expensive stuff (for now!!!! ;-)).
Of course it looks much better IRL because it isn't so flat and dull as in my pics.
(As always clicking on the pic gives you a giant version).

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