Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I know I have been absent lately and not very creative.
My kids have been on vacation, and now Noah goes to summer school in the morning and I have Naomi home with me, so less time for blogging obviously, but I hope to scrapbook and make cards with Naomi while Noah is at school... :-)
I have been kind of sick and not feeling well enough to stamp or craft. I have more than 400 new craft-related posts in Google Reader, waiting for me to read them... this is not gonna happen!... :-S So, if I didn't stop by and comment on your blog lately, it doesn't mean I don't like what you're doing anymore, just that life got a hold of me and I need to take a little break.
I hope to be back on track soon, but I'll take it easy with the summer and the kids around.
I wish everyone a wonderful summer!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh I totally hear ya Bee!! I got way behind in commenting too.....please don't stress about that!! You need to concentrate on some YOU time and special, low-key time making memories with your kiddos!!! Big Hugs!!!


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