Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's day from the cat

I found those Post-its with this kitten that looks a lot like my cat and thought I could make a fun father's day card for my husband.
The inside says "from Minou" and I wrote a little note thanking Dad for gettting the big heavy ladder out to get Minou off the roof etc.... Minou is our cat's name, it's french and is pretty much the affectionate name you give to whatever cat you meet, a little bit like "kitty-cat" here, we thought it would be funny since Minou is an american cat and nobody here has a clue what his name means or is... ;-)
Now I should mention that my hubby is not at all a cat person, but he didn't have a choice because when I left France to follow him I had to leave my cat behind (with my parents) and he promised then that I would have another cat one day or that we would have her come later on. (She ended up staying with my parents because they had a garden and she was much happier there.)
There isn't much to say about the card itself since I made it super simple. The green behind the orange might be a little surprising but I pulled that color from the bark of the tree branch under the cat.


LeAnne said...

Very sweet, it would be so sad to leave your little kitty behind! Fun card!

Melanie said...

what a great idea! (i do remember reading a story about "minou" in French class, but it's been along time,thankds for reminding me love kitties! :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Aww.......that is sooo cute!!!!! I'm glad you have a precious little kitty!!


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