Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because my friends are awesome... (Paper heart and leaves card)

Can I just say this card makes me happy?... I think it's the colors...
In my previous post I was talking about Bargello, this card uses a tiny bit of the leftover strips from the Bargello background (love those patterns and colors so much, I couldn't throw them away! ;-)) and then I added some of my favorite patterns of the moments (scripture, gingham...), and more of my "Que Sera Sera" paper (for the heart and leaves)... Nope, I am never gonna get sick of it... you might soon though... ;-)

This card is for my evil twin Bee from California, just because she is made of awesome and has a heart of gold and cracks me up. :-D She is my "evil twin" because we have the same nickname and same initials (B.B), and we have a lot in common in the way we see things, but she is the naughty one and I am the sweet one... LOL ;-D (She is so getting back at me for that one...;-))
We often chat on google chat too, even if just for a few minutes here and there, and she always makes me laugh... :-) Plus she is really good at explaining technical things to me (like how to open the LD layers in SCAL) and believe me this is a task that requires lots of patience (and hair...)... ;-)  So there, she gets a card just because she totally deserves one!... :-D


*CAFE said...

Great card, beautiful colors....and so nice to have friends like that! :0)

Bee's hive said...

I know nothing....(but OMG it's beautiful!) I have seen nothing (OMG omg OMG!). xoxo

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