Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leafy "Bargello"

After seeing this technique, called "Bargello", posted on one of Splitcoast Stampers' tutorial (you can find it here! :-)) I had to try it for my background on this card. I really love the colorful result of mixing up patterns... (yes, I used some of my beloved "Que Sera Sera" papers...;-))
(You can click on the pic if you want a better view of the detail of the pattern).

Oh and thanks to Wikipedia for enlightening me! :-)  :"Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery consisting of upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. The name originates from a series of chairs found in the Bargello palace in Florence, which have a "flame stitch" pattern."

I made this card for my great friend Thienly. Not only does she wow me with all her crafty creations, but she is also the sweetest person ever. <3 She has a great outlook on life and is always so cheery and nice... Just the kind of people we all need in our life, the ones that always put a smile on your face. :-D I feel lucky to "know" her and really hope to meet her (and all her awesome little family) for real one day! :-D In the meantime, thanks to google chat and the time difference between Canada and Florida, we often chat a little bit at night! Isn't internet incredible?!... I would never have thought growing up that one day I could be in touch with people all over the world thanks to a computer... :-)
But I miss getting cards and letters in the mail... so I am trying to send more cards too, just because... Now if only there were 36 hours in a day!... :-D *sigh*


*CAFE said...

Oh, so THAT'S what that means! Thank you, Bee....and Wikipedia!! lol! I just love those papers you're using. Bee-utiful!!

Bee's hive said...

What a great friend you are..what an amazing card from one amazing crafter to another. AND Amazing you and Thienly.

Myrna said...

This is a great card.
Thienly will be pleased.


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