Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Polar Bear

I made this card for my son's 8th birthday (coming up next Saturday), using SVGCuts files. I know it looks more like a card for a 4 years old kid, but my son is autistic so I need to adapt...  :-S He loves polar bears and we are going to Seaworld this week-end to celebrate, so I thought this would be appropriate... I have made cards in the past that he barely looked at, so I am trying to grab his attention with this one... ;-)

I can't believe he'll be 8 already, it is so hard for me to grasp because his bevahior is so not the behavior of a 8 years old, but he is so tall that he looks almost like a 10 years old and his handicap is only getting more noticeable as he gets older... :-( When he was diagnosed (the day after his 2nd birthday) I thought things would get better over time... Some things have gotten better, and I still have high hopes for the future, but at the time I didn't realized (or refused to see) that new challenges would arise as he got older. This past year has been difficult. He managed to escape the house, without us noticing it, to go play by the lake behind our house... He has absolutely no notion of danger and is a constant worry for us. He is also a beautiful and sweet little 8 years old boy that I love to pieces. I wish I could tell you that he is happy and that it's all that counts, unfortunately life is full of frustrations for him and it is heartbreaking to watch him struggle for everything. :-(
I'm sure he will have a good time this week-end with the dolphins, killer whales and polar bears and penguins, and in the hotel pool (I swear he must have been a dolphin in a previous life!! :-)) and in the meantime I hope he enjoys my happy little polar bear card... :-)

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Bee's hive said...

Well I LIKE it, no wrong I LOVE it!I'd have to say a fun weekend is certainly in order. Are you going to have dinner with Shamu?


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