Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Party Favors

I made those little party favors for my son's class, to bring tomorrow along with some brownies, since his birthday will be Saturday.
I kept my design ultra simple since those are 7 or 8 years old autistic kids we are talking about, and this will likely be ripped open before you can say "happy birthday Noah"!... ;-)

I used the "Treat boxes" file from Lettering Delights, and combined it with a little present cut-out on the sides from "3-D Birthday Cards" file from SVGCuts... (What can I say, I love combining LD and SVGCuts together... :-))
I filled those with stickers, a bouncy ball, a gross stretchy lizard and candy... :-)


Thienly Azim said...

Too cute! Love the colors and the tag that you added! I'm sure the kids would love them! Like how you combined the LD and SVGCuts files - you and Bee are getting to be experts on doing this! Happy Birthday Noah!

*CAFE said...

Great job, Bee! I like the super easy design.....especially for kids that you know are going to rip them open, like you say!

Bee's hive said...

What a fantastico Mommasita! You are the bombita! love it love it!

alexandra said...

C'est adorable ces petites boites toutes colorées !


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